It can be tuff to find the perfect playlist, right? Hours of searching through options can make it seem impossible. You need your workout playlist, you need your 'night time' and weekend playlist, you of course have our free app that does all that playlist stuff for you...

Whatever you listen to, chances are you have ditched the ol' CD, and I get that you could argue that the decline in CDs is more Earth-friendly, right? There's no manufacturing waste, no plastic, and no shipping costs. Well, even THAT isn't true.

According to a new study, music and video streaming is WORSE for the environment because even though there's less plastic, it does not offset the overall environmental costs of maintaining streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.

Streaming services utilize a lot of computing power, servers, storage and cloud capabilities and the increased power usage leads to MORE greenhouse gas emissions.

On top of that, the vinyl revival is also bad, because vinyl records are oil products.

On the plus side, your radio is still pretty eco-friendly.

(SOURCE/Additional info: University of Glasgow)