Japan's Universal Studios World record for the most Christmas light's on an artificial tree was just broken in under a month! Japan set the Guinness World Record of 374,280 lights on a tree back in October and David Richards of Australia not only beat the record, he smashed it!

Richards, who is sometimes referred to as the 'Christmas Light's Man', set the new Guinness World Record of the world's largest display of Christmas lights on an arfificial tree with 518, 838 individual lights.

So what does 518,838 lights all on one tree look like? Beautiful. Click here to see the display.
The display was an enormous undertaking involving architects, electrical and civil engineers, designers, and an army volunteers.
Richards is no stranger to Christmas related records. He has previously set the Guinness World Records titles for the “Largest image made of LED lights” and “Most Christmas lights on a residential property”.