Being an adult is hard and honestly, most of us just want to go back to being a carefree kid. I have learned that being an adult basically means wandering through life with not a clue of what to do.... am I right? Whether you agree with me or not, the question is when do you officially become an adult?

2,000 people were surveyed asking at what age are you "really" and adult... and no, we are not talking about right out of high school at 18, let's be honest we are all still young and stupid at that point. So, if you are a woman, according to the survey, you are officially an adult at the age of 23 (if this means I am supposed to have my life together now, then I am not an adult and screwed), and if you are a man you are an adult at the age of 26 (not surprising, men do mature slower).

Well, now that we have figured out what age we are adults, how do we know we have reached this age? Here are the top 5 signs according to the survey that you know you have reached adulthood.

1.  Having a budget.

2.  Buying a house.

3.  Doing your own taxes.

4.  Working on your credit score.

5.  Investing in a 401k.

I can honestly say I have only done one of these things, so obviously I am not doing well. Let's all be bad adults together!