It's been described by some that there are four seasons in life. Spring - Going from child to young adult. Summer - Young adult, buying your first home, getting married and raising your family. Fall - The kids have left the nest and your enjoying grandchildren. Then of coarse there is Winter - your senior years.

No matter what season you find yourself in, life is richer when you have someone to share it with. Here are 5 reasons you could still be single according to

1. Waiting For Mr. Perfect -   All women harbor that secret wish for Mr. Perfect to materialize from the hazy mist, whisking them away in a chauffeur-driven Bentley to his home far away. Let's face it, you probably have a better chance of hitting it big in the lottery. Quit wasting time, you could well be missing crucial opportunities with that hunk who drives a Chevy Truck.

2. You're Too Cool For The Room - One of the easiest ways to paint yourself into a corner is by thinking you're above it all. Approach-ability is key to finding someone. Be less judgmental and open up a bit.

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3. You're Married To The Job - Ask yourself this question - Are you hiding behind your job to fill the void? By all means, be a careerist, but don't let it rule your world and miss out on your chance for love. Learn to say NO to work a little bit and find some balance with your career and your personal life. You only go around once.

4. You're Happy Being Single - Drinks out with your friends is a good time now and then but at no point should you kid yourself into believing that it beats being in a serious relationship. Most people who say they are happy being single are lying. Get out there and take some real chances and start dating.


5. You Are A Nester - Have you build yourself a comfy nest and enjoy your own company a little too much? If so, it's a problem. No one's asking you to go paint the town red, but take some initiative to still be in the game. You are not going to find love on your sofa watching TV. If your friends call and invite you out, get off the couch and go.