Today is National Unfriend Day. Facebook users are encouraged to clean up their 'Friends' list. How do you decide who to drop? I've found a few suggestions for us.

National Unfriend day was the creation of late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel back in 2010. I'm sure all of us at one time or another have thought about unfriending someone, but have you ever pulled the trigger? How do you really decide that someone is worthy of wearing the "I Was Just Unfriend" badge?

According to a 2017 survey from Rainbow's End, 50% of our Facebook contacts are not real life friends. It went on to educate us that

Facebook offers these guidelines to consider when deciding who should really be your 'Friend' on Facebook.

  • You should unfriend someone if you wouldn't loan them $50.
  • You should unfriend someone if you wouldn't invite them to your birthday party.
  • You should unfriend someone if you wouldn't cry if they got hit by a bus

I offer up a few suggestions of my own. These are typically the types of 'Friends' I remove from my virtual world.

It drives me crazy when I see someone post, "Worst. Day Every. I don't even want to talk about." Now, I don't hate the fact that someone had a bad day, or that they might want to talk about to vent or get some suggestions on how to coop with what ever turmoil brought them down. What makes me go all 'Thelma & Louise' off the cliff is that you are trying to convince all of us that you don't want to talk about. Of coarse you do. Why else would you post it. So you can see all the comments reaching out. Just own it and move on to the rant of the moment. They'll still comment. #Unfriend.

All of us have bad days. It's hard to be happy 100% of the time, but it's sad that some social media trolls crawl out from under their bridge of doom to make sure they make everyone else is unhappy, because that's what makes them happy. They're always a Gloomy Gus. A positive comment doesn't even help. #Unfriend.

Even if you steer clear of the latest political, LBGTQ, gun rights, or etc types of posts, you still share your opinions. It might be you favorite hobby, sports team, or one I deal with all the time, my favorite type of races to watch.

I like to share upcoming races or videos from some cool racing that I enjoyed. It never fails. Someone always has to chime in that NASCAR has lost their minds, and they are ruining the sport. Or for my dirt track fans, the whole IMCA versus USMTS/USRA debate has me more burned out then a modified engine racing with an illegal chip.

Look, I like almost all forms of racing, and I love the fact that you have an infinity for something that is different than my fav's list. I even love the fact that you want to educate me as to why you think what you like is worth my time, but not at the expenses of my I.Q. "You're a (insert you favorite expletive) idiot because you like something I think is stupid." There's something stupid alright with that type of conversation, but I doubt the 'IQ Sucker' has time to look into a mirror. #Unfriend.