As the holiday times approach, my to-do list of errands just seems to be getting longer! I swear every time I mark something off my list, it seems to add something else onto it itself. Between buying food for holiday cooking and just everyday surviving, trying to get ahead on Christmas shopping (which realistically is not going to happen until the week before Christmas) and getting normal chores done, I have forgotten what it means to just relax.

If you are like me and need to schedule some relaxation time into your day, I have the perfect solution for you! Schedule it during your errands run! Now, if you just read that and are thinking, “Tiffany, You have lost your mind, you were just talking about hating errands runs” you are right. However, I have realized that the best time to take a break is when you are doing the things you need to get done. Now, follow me on this people. If you tell your boss, family, significant other, or whoever that you have to go do errands, nine times out of ten they do not want to come with you. This means it is the perfect time to go run one errand, get a Starbucks and then go do something fun for yourself whether it is going to Target or reading at Barnes and Noble (you will find me here all the time). You will still get something done, have no one bother you, and relax.

Now, if you are wondering about all the other errands you have on your list, well just forget about them and maybe they will just disappear? I mean you will at least get one errand done a day, it will just take you years to get everything you need done in 2018. Hey, I just said I would give you a solution for relaxing, not actually finishing your to-do list!