“Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” stars George Clooney as a prisoner whom decides to break out of his hard-labor sentence with two other inmates because they are chained together. Clooney’s character tells the other two inmates that there is a buried treasure that will give them a huge fortune and their freedom. In reality, he breaks out to stop his wife from marrying someone else and has to drag those two along because they are chained together. Along the way, they meet many interesting characters and have unusual adventures.  Oh and there is some country western and gospel music thrown into the mix.

I have to say, Johnny redeemed himself with this movie pick. It had comedy, stupidity, good music, and a slightly logical story line. It was easy to follow and definitely got many laughs from both me and my parents. The three main characters reminded me of the three stooges but slightly more intelligent (except for when they thought their one friend was turned into a “horny toad”). I was also very surprised how well George Clooney could actually sing and I think my favorite part was when their group, “Soggy Bottom Boys (an unfortunate band name)” sang “ramblin’ man,” which is one of my favorite songs.

Overall, it was a great movie if you just want to laugh and not think too hard. My parents and I all give it three out of five stars. I will definitely watch it again just for the stupidity and music when I have a bad day.