I don't know what Johnny's obsession with movies/tv from the 80's but I just can't jump on that bandwagon. Let me break it down for you about what this show is about.

Basically, the lead character played by Alison Brie is a struggling actress in LA in the 80's and is willing to basically do anything to make it and pay the bills. A casting agent tells her about an upcoming audition but when she arrives it is not a typical audition. Women are audition to become a part of the new show "GLOW" or "Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling."

There is sex, drugs, nudity, bad fashion and everything you would expect from the 80's with some comedy and wrestling thrown in. I was not a fan of it as I got bored and thought it was pretty cheesy, however with the amount of awards the show has gotten I know, I am with the unpopular minority of people who don't like it. But, come on, it's the 80's was there really anything good about that time?!

Also, my parents watched it as well and gave it a thumbs down as well so I am not alone!