I had a busier weekend than I expected but with the nicer weather, it was good to get out and about! Although, I didn't things done that I actually needed to get done, I had some fun with friends, kids and good food. You know what they say... A good weekend is one filled with good food (ok, no one really says this but me).

Here is basically how my weekend went, enjoy!

Tiffany Kay at workout class

So, I tried to start the weekend off right by getting in a kickboxing class on Friday and being healthy. However, it kind of kicked my butt and I am still walking funny two days later...

Tiffany Kay at Singlespeed

Somehow I made it to Singlespeed in downtown Waterloo after dying in my workout for a friend's birthday party. Food was a necessity and so good!

Tiffany Kay at Sakura Japanese Steakhouse

On Saturday, I met a friend of mine at Sakura Japanese Steakhouse and of course the food was amazing but just watching them prepare is so cool! I thought about trying it myself but it may not be the best idea...

Oh and my friend's daughter and I had a little too much fun with filters... and she basically shunned her mom and kept wanting to sit with me so I became an honorary aunt!

Finally, I started off my Sunday by singing with my church choir at 9:30 am mass! Then, of course, I went back to bed because that is just to early for me!

Hope you all had a fun weekend!