What better way to celebrate America's Independence day than with friends, food and Hamilton?!

That's right this weekend, some friends of mine from Ohio came to visit me for the holiday and we celebrated the only way we know how.... by being Broadway nerds and having a Hamilton watch party! Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that the Hamilton musical movie dropped this past Friday on Disney+ and many people including myself had watch parties to celebrate the Independence Day! (It was a great movie by the way, totally recommend checking it out!)

However we didn't just watch Hamilton while they were here (that would be a very boring visit!). I also introduced them to Iowa through food including Hurts Donuts in Cedar Falls, went to a friend of mine's son's birthday, had mini photo shoots (yes, we are those people) and even had some self care while wearing our masks. Check out some of my fun from the weekend below!