Have you ever tried an escape room? If not, you don't know all of the fun you are missing out on. Especially if you have wanted to be a detective and solve a mystery!

Tiffany Kay

I recently got to check out Escapology in Cedar Falls and took on the mission of Saving Santa with some co-workers of mine! Don't worry kids, we came out successful and saved Santa so Christmas will happen this year. It was a fun bonding experience for the holidays!

Now let's back up, if you don't know what an escape room entails, let me explain. You and a group of friends take on a mission and are locked in a room with a bunch of clues to solve the mission and escape. You have one hour to escape and you get three free clues to help you solve the puzzle. For every clue you use after the 3rd you get a penalty of two minutes added time, so if you finish at 59 minutes but have two minutes added you fail because it is over one hour.

Some of the clues you have to solve can be finding keys to opening locked boxes, finding number or word combinations around the room to open doors or the boxes and even using puzzles like changing letters to numbers with codes. If you are good at mysteries and have always wanted your chance to solve a mystery this is for you!

Whether a date night or just a fun night out with friends and family, try this out! I promise you won't be disappointed. (By the way, adults... they also have a bar here and you can drink while you play, which probably makes it more interesting)

Tiffany Kay