I had a big night last night! I was officially given my Cedar Valley Rotary Club pin and named an official Rotarian! It was a surprise that this was happening last night but I am really excited to be a part of this amazing group of people.

Tiffany Kay(left) Eashaan Vajpeyi (Treasurer) Tom Blanford (Club President, Right)

To be honest, I did not really know what the Rotary Club was all about when I was first invited to a meeting by a member. I was really just going to meet some new people in the area and see what it was all about. Honestly, they know how to treat a guest! My first "meeting" was actually a walking tour with a tour guide of downtown Waterloo. It was cool because I learned so much about the city since I am from Ohio and we could to see buildings that were being renovated. After this, we all ended up going to get some dinner and I got to know some of the members really well. Everyone was so open and friendly and I felt like I was already a part of something cool when I had only known them for about 2 hours.

As time went on and I kept attending meetings as a guest, I got to learn that they do so much to give back to the community! The Cedar Valley Rotary Club members have such big hearts and want to learn more about the community to serve the community better. They have speakers come to meetings to discuss different programs happening in the area and put together service projects such as planting trees in the community or helping to renovate a park. These members were "doers" of action not just "talkers."

I have met so many amazing friends from this and already been able to help serve a community I did not know much about in such a short time. If you are as interested in serving your community as I am or just want to meet some great human beings, check out more information on what it means to be in Rotary and how you can be involved following the link below or check out our Facebook page!