Not all of us who are single on Valentine's Day are bitter people, but if you have a particularly nasty "ex" or just one you can't stand, don't go looking for a new date to prove something on Valentine's day. No, you need to name a cockroach after your "ex"!

That's right, the Bronx Zoo in New York and the Hemsley Conservation Center in London are allowing people to pay some money in order to name a cockroach after your "ex" on Valentine's Day. If that doesn't fill your passive-aggressive tendencies, you can also print off an certificate to make it official! That means, you can totally send it to your "ex" to explain to them how you really feel about them.

There is no closure like calling your "ex" a disgusting bug. For more information on this, check out the whole article. Oh and if you do decide to do this, might want to start early and do it at the London Zoo because it is only $2 there and $15 in New York... no point spending that much money on your "ex."