Courtney Dauwalter's story of how she won an endurance marathon is fascinating.

There is often video of people who win marathons and they never look like they enjoyed what they just did. Imagine running an endurance marathon. Courtney Dauwalter ran and won the MOAB 240 which is a 238 mile marathon in the unpredictable terrain of Utah. Their official race trailer says that runners will navigate  2 mountain ranges, desert, mesas, and rock terrain. Runners, also, have 112 hours to finish the whole loop which means it ended Tuesday, October 17th. Dauwalter finished Sunday the 15th.

Dauwalter ran all 238 miles in just under 58 hours. She beat the person who got second place by 10 hours. She did all of this on 21 minutes of sleep. She took 2 separate naps. One nap was 20 minutes and the other nap was 1 minute long. "I did the 20 minute nap intentionally [...] and I didn't sleep very well. (Later) I was falling asleep as I was running [...]  I was bent over and like, face planting toward the ground. I was laying down, already snoring, and yelling 1 minute, just 1 minute. I woke up more alert than I've ever been" she told Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Podcast. She is amazingly humble and was cheering for others as they crossed the finish line well after her. What was she doing while others were finishing? "Drinking a beer." Surely, that was well deserved.

Here is the MOAB 240 Official Race Trailer. The course is full of beautiful scenery and brutal terrain.