Showers and baths are great for cleaning yourself every day and making sure you do not smell around family, friends and co-workers (trust me, they appreciate this!). However, when getting either a shower or bath, there are many other things we do besides bathing ourselves that actually give us some refreshing alone time. I am sure we all do some of these things and in the end it actually helps us be happier and more relaxed in the end.

  1. Singing in the shower! You cannot tell me you have never sang in the shower, and if you say that you are lying to yourself because it may even just be a single line or jingle. Bathrooms have great acoustics and honestly you feel so much better about yourself because for some reason we all sound like professional singers when singing in the shower!... Just don’t try this in public if you know you are tone deaf.
  2. Talking out loud with yourself to work through a problem. No this does not certify you as being crazy, but sometimes with the relaxing water and silence our minds wander to problems we may facing and talking them out with yourself can actually give you a clear mind and lead to possible solutions.
  3. Not only are you clean but you are probably more relaxed after as well! My massaging your head and body for long periods of time you reduce stress and your muscles relax. This allows you to sleep better and be in a better mood. Honestly, we all take forever in a shower, but the long we take is a free massage to ourselves and puts us all in a better mood. People should really be happier when you take a long shower because its your version of a therapy session and you are in a better mood to be around them.

Next time you bathe yourself (which I hope is almost every day), I hope you learn to enjoy it and be stress free when you come out of the shower. Remember, although you are an amazing singer in the shower, that does not apply outside of the bathroom!

Happy Bathing!