It's fairly obvious that there are certain things you just don't order at certain restaurants. For instance, if you want a great burger, you don't order one at a Mexican restaurant. If you want a good crab roll, you don't order one from Billy Bob's Bar & Tap.

There are also things that you should never order at ANY restaurant. Here's a list of 5 different items to avoid according to

Hans Van IJzendoorn


1. Tap Water - It might be a little more expensive but you might want to consider ordering a bottle of water instead of settling for tap water. Water left sitting out at room temperature for too long can be a bacterial breeding ground.



2. Free Bar Snacks - Before you grab a handful of peanuts or pretzels, think about how many other people that have probably already had their hand in the basket. When is the last time they washed their hands or what did they touche before they dug in?


Olga Nayashkova

3. Dubious Sounding Specials - Some chefs go the extra mile making sure their specials contain the freshest ingredients but others have been known to create specials using ingredients that are past their prime. Rule of thumb, if it sounds like a random hodgepodge, or sauce-covered bits of meat, stay clear.

Sergey Peterman

4. Veggie Burgers - Unless the restaurant your dining in hand-makes their veggie burgers, stay clear. Chances are, they came from a supermarkets frozen food section. Most times they defrost them in the microwave. Here's the kicker, you get charged the same or more than a regular burger.



5. Bread - A free piece of bread is a nice way to get something into you stomach while you're waiting for your meal but keep this in mind, many chefs admit to reusing bread from table to table in order to avoid waste.