Everyone loves a good long weekend and yet recovering from them and having that alarm go off the first day back to work is the worst. I do not know about all of you but I am always more grumpy, tired and just have no energy or determination to get anything done. It is really just blah day at that point. So how do you get over that long weekend slump?

Here are some of things I do that will hopefully get you over the hump:


  1. Go to bed early the night before. This is the hardest part because although you will not be able to fall asleep at least your body can relax and you will feel slightly more rested the next day.
  2. Limit the amount of things you do during the weekend. It is exciting to have all the extra time to get stuff done but honestly if you over schedule your weekend you will be more tired than when you started your weekend and realistically you probably won’t get everything done that you planned to.
  3. Keep a sleep schedule and continue to wake up when you normally would! Ok, I am really bad at this part. It is so much easier to sleep in and enjoy it than to wake up for no reason but to stay in practice. However, you will be so grateful when Monday comes around and you are not as tired as you normally would be.
  4. Eat light food not heavy stuff because it will make you more sluggish. Healthy eating is not my thing either but honestly you will feel so much better and ready for the week when you eat healthier and get more energy.
  5. Finally, don’t start a new project or fitness goals during a long weekend. Yes you have the extra days but I promise you will hate yourself for starting that weekend. You will not continue it through the week as you do not have time and really you will be more frustrated that you can’t finish something rather than being excited for new things.

Enjoy your long weekend but remember to use these tips so you do not become the grinch at the office this week!