We are down to about 2 weeks left to shop for Christmas. If you just read that and had a panic attack, well you and me both!  However, I am not as worried this year as I am doing most of my shopping online. I know, I know online shopping is not the same experience as going to the stores to see all the decorations and get into the Christmas spirit. However, I want to point out a few perks as to why I like shopping online much better than going to stores.

  1. Less hustle and bustle: I am definitely a people person but not when it comes to trying to all buy the same stuff in the same mall and being constantly surrounded. Honestly, most holiday shoppers are not are not all that cheerful when they are trying to get all of their shopping done.
  2. Less worry about items being out of stock in-store: There have been very few times that I have been online and something has been out of stock, usually it is because the item has been discontinued. If items are out of stock in-store, most people get upset and got to other stores to find it which is more travel and stress, where as online you can just search the item and usually find it somewhere else.
  3. Deals: A lot of the time, online has actually better deals than in-store. Especially if you order a ton from the same places, you can not only get a discount on the items and the shipping, not speaking from experience or anything…
  4. You can also have the items shipped directly to the person it is for: Ok, some stores do this, however this is just a click away and you don’t have to worry about getting it in another state and taking it back to the store because you can just send it back in the mail and receive a replacement easily!

Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping in stores but if you are worried about time, go ahead and try out the online way. You may be surprised and then become an online shopping addict… Hey, it’s not a bad thing!