Leah-Anne Thompson

There's a new trend on the net these days called "Push Playlists". The playlist is a compilation of themed songs that woman listen to when they go into labor. There are over 90-thousand of these music lists on one music download service alone.


Some of the songs include Salt n Pepper's "Push It", Pinks song "Try" and "Under Pressure" from Queen and David Bowie. There's only one problem, there don't seem to be any "Push Playlist" for country music fans.


Bucky and Brooks from the K-98.5 Morning Show looked through the stations music files and couldn't really find any good "Lamaze type" songs BUT we did find a few songs that would be great for expecting parents.


Here's what we've got so far:

  1. George Strait – I Saw God Today
  2. Kenny Chesney – There Goes My Life
  3. Rodney Atkins – I’ve Been Watching You
  4. Lonestar – Mr. Mom
  5. Tim McGraw – My Little Girl


We're looking for more suggestions on what we could add to the list. If you have a favorite "parent themed" country song you think we should add to the list, leave us a comment below. Who knows, maybe the Cedar Valley will start their own music list trend?