The Philadelphia Eagles, Chris Long, is playing for free this year. See where his game checks are going.

In the most controversial year for the NFL, the negative attention has overshadowed the fact that there are plenty of good guys in the NFL. Chris Long has played in all 6 games this year and has not cashed in one single game check. Instead, the first six game checks that he's earned have all been donated to a private school in his home town of Charlottesville, Virgina in the form of scholarships.

His next ten game checks will all be distributed to different educational charities in the three cities that Long has played in: Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Boston. Long's base salary is around 1 million dollars for the season.

Long has been working with an organization called "Pledge 10 for Tomorrow" and Long said in a statement, "I'm playing the entire 2017 NFL season without collecting income because I believe education is the best gateway to a better tomorrow for everyone in America."