The all new steel roller coaster at Adventureland is almost ready for all of us to strap in and ride. The "Monster" will open to the public in June. It had it's first test run yesterday.

The video shows one of the cars going through its paces on the newly constructed coaster. Watching it gives us thrill-seekers just enough to wet our appetite.

After 40 years, flume ride (log ride) floated its last log this past Labor Day Weekend. Adventureland then tore it down to prepare for its newest thrill ride.

Rising up from the dust is a 'Monster' 2,500 feet-long, 135-feet hill that features a 101-degree angle roller coaster. Top speed is projected to hit 65 miles per hour, and the ride includes several moments that will give the rider a sense of weightlessness.

What might be the freakiest part of the ride is the the negative-G stall loop - a slower loop that will give the rider the sensation that they are falling out of the car.

Will you be brave enough to tame the Monster this June?