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A new school year will begin at Hogwarts September 1st. The students will get to King's Cross Station and dart on the platform 9 3/4.


  • The Hogwarts Express will leave King's Cross Station at 11am sharp!
  • The Start-of-the-Year Feast which will include 1st year sorting and start of the term announcements.
  • Classes begin September 2nd. Class schedules will be handed out at breakfast.
  • Quidditch trials start the second week of the term.
  • Halloween Feast October 31st.
  • First term finals are a week before Christmas.
  • Children going home for Christmas will take the Hogwarts Express back to King's Cross station the Friday before Christmas.
  • Christmas Feast December 25th.
  • Hogwarts Express returns for 2nd term January 1st.
  • Easter Holidays
  • 2 week Spring Break
  • End-of-the-Year Feast the evening of the end of the week the 3rd week of June.
  • Hogwarts Express Returns to King's Cross for Summer Holiday.

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