As spring break is coming to a close for most kids, I thought we would look back and ponder what the best things were about being a kid. I am sure most parents have had more time to do kid-like activities throughout the week, that could have ignited their inner child and made them remember the simpler times.

Although adulthood can be great because you have independence, can make your own decisions, and have ice cream for dinner whenever you want (the best part!), there are still a lot more stresses as an adult that kids have to deal with. I miss the carefree attitude, worrying about what games to play to occupy your time and the imagination that comes with being a child.

This hashtag has been blowing up Twitter, #BestPartOfBeingAKidWas, and I thought I would share my top 10 answers for this. If you agree or have other reasons, make sure to comment and let me know what you miss about being a kid!

1. The biggest worries being what fun activities you were going to do the next day, ie. riding bikes, playing video games, sports, hanging with friends... not worrying about bills and the meaning of life.

2. Having an imaginary friend to play with and no one calling you crazy... it's really not that weird, sometimes we all get lonely.

3. Having your "parents" pay for food, clothes or new games you wanted.

4. Spending summers looking forward to lazy days every day in the pool and sun... not work and sleep!

5. Not having any responsibilities!

6. Nap time! ( I really should have appreciated that more)

7. Snack time! (Not worrying about getting fat having too many snacks because your body metabolizes so much faster as a kid)

8. Having movie nights with the whole family and being introduce to the innocent movie culture. Thinking that fairy tales do exist.

9. Having the belief and still believing that anything is possible and you can do anything you want in life.... not realizing life isn't always fair.

10. Having things to look forward to such as big birthdays, driving a car, voting... what more do you look forward to as you get older and pass these milestones?