With my recent trip to Nashville, I made a realization that whether you like country music or you don't, you need to visit Nashville at least once in your life! The history, the food, the culture.... it is a trip you will never forget.

Now, most people know Nashville for two things: country music capital of the world and the nightlife ie. Broadway. All along Broadway street there are bars that will keep you up until all hours of the night and no, they don't play just country music. However, if you are a huge country nerd like me you know you have to visit all the bars that belong to country stars. Here is my top lists of bars you need to visit while in Nashville, based on club-like atmosphere & live music.

If you are into club-like atmosphere and just wanna dance the night away you need to check out Luke Bryan's Bar: Luke's 32 Bridge Food + Drink.

Tiffany Kay

I could have danced here for HOURS! The bottom floor has some live music and then as you go up the next two floors to the rooftop bar there is a dance floor with one of the best club DJ's around and no, they don't just play country music. I am pretty sure I sweated out all the carbs I had that day from only being there an hour.

If you are looking to relax a little after all that sweating, you need to check out Blake Shelton's bar: Ole Red.

Tiffany Kay

As you should know, it is named after one of his biggest songs and the live music coming from it is some of the best I have heard. It is all 4 floors with a rooftop bar and very relaxed. Sing along to your favorite hits from the live performers and stick around because Blake Shelton likes to make pop up appearances at his own bar often! Maybe you could get a sneak peak. (P.S. yes, the photo on the cover of this article is from Blake's Bar)

Now that you have settled down, it's time to turn the party up a notch and check out Jason Aldean's Kitchen + Rooftop Bar.

Tiffany Kay

A nice mix of live music and club atmosphere, you will enter to the main level with big red sofas and some great live bands to get the party underway. Then head up to the rooftop bar to dance the night away to some of the biggest hits today!

Make sure to end your night at the most famous bar in Nashville: Tootsies Orchid Lounge!

Tiffany Kay

Some of the biggest names in country were customers here and even started off their career hear. The #1 place to hear some of the best up and coming country artists around , this is where you want to be if you love live music. Three levels and constantly packed, you become best friends with those around you real quick while singing along to some of your favorites! I highly suggest this bar for the history, live music and fun!

Next time you go to Nashville, remember to check out all these bars on Broadway!