The latest caper for 'Bucky the Pumpkin' led us outside of the friendly confines of the K-98.5 Studios, and now he's on the loose.

Bucky the Pumpkin came to the K-98.5 Studio thanks to Heartland Farms in Waterloo. I'm not sure if he missed his pumpkin friends, but after just sitting there for a few days, I thought he looked bored.

After spending an hour or two talking on the radio yesterday (pictured above), Bucky the Pumpkin and I chatted while we waited for his lunch to warm up.

Bucky the Pumpkin, making lunch

He admitted to me that he was restless, so we decided to hit the streets in the K-Country Cruiser. I thought it might be nice to help the crew set up for the Fall 2017 World's Largest Garage Sale.

Bucky the Pumpkin, WLGS

That lasted about five minutes before he realized I was putting him to work, so he stole the keys from me. As he jetted off in the K-Country Cruiser, I heard him shout, "See ya, sucker!"

Bucky the Pumpkin, the Great Escape

Be on the lookout this weekend for Bucky the Pumpkin. I have no idea where he might end up, or what he's up to. Hopefully he returns the K-Country Cruiser back in one piece.