Oelwein Police have arrested 3 people and are looking for a 4th suspect in a multi-month drug investigation.
Last Tuesday (Aug. 30) 39 year old Michael Rickert of Oelwein was taken into custody for Unlawful Delivery or Conspiring with Another to Deliver Methamphetamine.

On Wednesday (Aug. 31), 37 year old Randy Meyers of Oelwein was arrested on the same charge.

Also last Wednesday, 26 year old Natasha Coonradt of Calmar was arrested in Kansas City, Missouri, on a warrant for unlawful delivery or conspiring with another to deliver meth.

Authorities are still looking for a 4th suspect: an arrest warrant has been issued for 21 year old Elizabeth Minnick of Hazleton, on the same charges.

Anyone with information on Minnick's whereabouts is asked to contact Oelwein Police or other area law enforcement.