It will be some time before we see businesses resume any sort of normality in the Cedar Valley - or at least the portion of the CV that's in Black Hawk County. However, in many parts of the U.S. (and Iowa), stores are being allowed to open. Among those reopening many stores is the popular coffee chain Starbucks.

But don't expect to be able to walk on it, grab a Frappuccino and sit on your laptop or tablet for hours. The company announced some changes that will accompany reopening, and this will induce all Cedar Valley locations when they do reopen.

As detailed in Business Insider, one thing, the company will continue to advise customers to use mobile ordering for their drinks, which they can then grab in the drive thru or by using Starbucks's new "entryway hand-off" that will be used at most locations. Most locations will not allow customers all the way into the store - but for the stores that do, you won't see any seating,but rather social-distancing markers to keep customers at least 6-feet apart.

Starbucks will be following local government guidance as a factor when decided whether to reopen a location or not. It's been roughly six weeks since many locations across the country closed temporarily. In the Cedar Valley, the locations have  staggered the days they're open.

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