If your looking for a new job or looking for a totally new career, new research from the career expert, Zippia may point you in an unexpected direction.
Zippia's latest research has found that Iowa ranks towards the top of the nation for Forensic Investigators.

In order to find out the best states for forensic investigators, Zippia dove into stats from the Bureau of Labor Statics's Occupational Employment Stats for 2015 and found what states have the greatest need for forensic investigators, how well they got paid, and the average cost of living for each state. Turns out, Iowa ranks 5th in the nation.

Source - Zippia

The top 10 states:

1. Nevada
2. Illinois
3. Wyoming
4. Virginia
5. Iowa
6. Alabama
7. Indiana
8. Ohio
9. California

If you’re curious, New Jersey, Kentucky and Maine are the worst states to be a forensic investigator in America. It's good to be an Iowan!

Source: Zippia