Rodney Atkins checked in with Bucky-n-Brooks Show the day before his big concert at McElroy Auditorium (Jan. 9, 2016). Rodney talked about his USO experience, the 'strange' thing on his tour bus, & more.

We ended up talking with Rodney about his tour bus, and we wondered if he had anything on his tour bus that might surprise some people. His response was that "Misty" and "Taco" are usually on the bus. They are birds they rescued and nursed back to health.

When we hit the topic about his time on the USO tour, Rodney really showed his passion for being apart of it, and he shared an experience he had in Afghanistan that he'll never forget.

Rodney Atkins performs live at McElroy Auditorium on Saturday, January 9, 2016. Tickets are still available through or through the McElroy Auditorium box office in Waterloo, IA. (319-234-7515).