When you go to a restaurant, there are certain things you expect such as cleanliness, good service, quality food, etc. However, not all of these things happen every time and you may leave dissatisfied with how your dinner went... especially after having to pay for it!

We all have awful restaurant experiences. In fact, according to a recent survey of 2,000 people, one in four of us have left a restaurant in the middle of a meal because the experience was so bad. But what were the reasons the led to this point? The study also found the top 5 most common reasons a dinner becomes ruined.

1.  A foul or unpleasant smell.

2.  Dirty or sticky floors.

3.  Dirty plates, glasses, or silverware.

4.  A sticky table.

5.  Slow service, or a rude waiter.

Other reasons that barely missed the top 5 were bathroom cleanliness, noise level, and the waiter's appearance if it is too unprofessional.

Watch out for these signs next time you go out to eat to avoid a terrible dining experience.