The car that helped bring to life the iconic "Herbie" in the movies, that brought hippies together and could be spotted miles away in a crowded parking lot has just been produced for the last time.

If you grew up a car fanatic like me, you know of the VW Beetle. It was the car with a face... or at least that is how I always described it after watching the car movie "Herbie". This car would always be smiling at you and it was a fan favorite. It was so popular that according to CBS News, the U.S. became the Volkswagon most important foreign market peaking at 40% production. Volkswagon Beetles have been around since 1938 spanning eight decades and producing it's one millionth Beetle in 1955.

So, where did this all start? Well, interesting fact is that Volkswagen designed the Beetle when Hitler told the company that he wanted Germany to have an iconic "people's car" that would make driving as popular as the Ford Model T did in the U.S. So, the Beetle was born. Even with all this history though, the last versions of the car have just rolled off the assembly lines in Puebla, Mexico.

Peace out VW Beetle... it's been real.