The holidays are all about making memories and creating traditions that will live on in your family for generations. Do you have any of these types of traditions? I can personally tell you that my parents have instilled in me in making dozens and dozens of cookies during the holidays and then giving them as gifts to friends, family and those who have to work on the holidays.

Now, I plan on instilling this tradition into my kids one day but what are some of the traditions you do with your kids?

There is a survey out that asked parents to share the top Christmas traditions they share with the kids, so here is the list: Wrapping presents with them, helping them wrap presents, gift shopping, Christmas tree hunting and baking cookies/hanging stockings.

Do you do these traditions with your kids? Did you do them with your parents? Maybe you have a new addition to your family or are just looking for some new traditions? Well, try them out this holiday season and make some new memories!