On Tuesday, June 14, starting at 6 p.m. in the Oelwein American Legion parking lot, all worn and faded flags that have been dropped at our location, will be retired with dignity and honor.

The American Legion’s Ceremony for Disposal of Unserviceable Flags is a dignified tribute to the U.S. flag and to its symbolism. This ceremony is an effective instrument for promoting a greater respect for the U.S. flag. The American Legion strives to show respect to the flag in our community and provide a much-needed service to those who have flags needing to be retired.

The Oelwein Legion Post 9, Past Commander Duane Larson said, “We appreciate the public depositing these flags throughout the year in our drop box. It’s good to know you are aware that a faded or torn flag on your flag pole is a sign of disrespect not just to the symbol, but to those who have served our country, some who have given the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation’s banner.”

The public is invited to attend, young and old, bring your children and grandchildren to teach them the value of honoring our American Flag that has flown, to show all that we are a free and proud nation.

Please try to join the Oelwein American Legion for this short but very moving ceremony honoring the symbol of America’s greatness, Tuesday June 14, 6 pm.

Source:  Oelwein American Legion Commander Jake Blitsch