The Grudge Nationals video series features's Bucky Doren versus.'s Cory Ford. Plus, cameos from's Will Bradley and dirt track racing's Corey Dripps and Scott Hogan.

What started out as a playground-like debate about who was the better driver grew into the Grudge Nationals. Cory Ford versus Bucky Doren on the dirt track to once and for all determine who was actually the better driver.

The first of three episodes is slated for release on Wednesday, January 27, 2016. That is also the same day that Iowa's Virtual Dirt Track Classic waves the green flag on its Main Event. Fan votes power their favorite drivers to go faster.

The latest GN trailer ("The Preview") gives a little deep glimpse into our reality/parody, dirt track racing, behind the scenes video series called the "Grudge Nationals". Follow along as Bucky & Cory prepare and actually race during this first time, and maybe only time, event.

GRUDGE NATIONALS: Trailer "The Preview"