With the crazy twist ending of Sunday's Vikings Saints game, we look at the best movies with a twist of their own. SPOILER FREE! Just see these flicks!

10. The Sixth Sense

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Maybe it was because this twist was ruined for me right in the middle of the movie, or because people hyped this movie up so much that it ranks at the bottom of the list for me. But really, does the twist have any real baring on the movie?


9. Fight Club

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It wasn't exactly a groundbreaking twist but an entertaining movie. We've seen this twist so many times... Secret Window... Shutter Island.. yada yada yada.


8. Unbreakable

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Way better than "The Sixth Sense" for M. Night Shamalan. This is the kind of movie that all these superhero movies should base themselves on when coming out with a new franchise. A build up of characters with a twist ending so we can see where it goes from here. So many times in superhero movies they lose the character buildup because they shoehorn a bad plot into the end of the movie so the superhero wins right away. (Worst offender of this: "Suicide Squad") You don't have to do that. Build the characters, set the twist, and everyone will be so excited for the sequel. This movie got it right, and has no sequel. Sometimes the world just isn't fair.


7. Memento

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When the whole movie is done in reverse, you know there is going to be a good twist ending that ties the whole thing together. This one is really good. No other movie will every be like this one.


6. Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back


Luke never had a reason to ever turn to the dark side... till now!


5. Chinatown

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Sometimes a personal investigator digs in too deep. When you scare a guy that's seen it all, you know it's a good twist.


4. Se7en

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The killer won't stop at five when there are seven deadly sins.


3. Primal Fear

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Just wait for that close up of him clapping.


2. The Departed

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I did not see that coming at all. Jaw was on the floor.


1. The Usual Suspects

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"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."