Warning: Once you see these in the background, you'll never un-see them.

10. Legally Blonde - Lady never takes a drink at the drinking fountain

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

It's understandable that sometimes a scene requires many takes, but if it's your job to take a drink of water, you could at least turn the water on. It happens in the scene where Elle (Reese Witherspoon) realizes that the witness on the stand is a homosexual by knowing what kind of shoes she's wearing. He cuts her in the drinking fountain line but the woman before her bends down to take a drink and doesn't even turn the water on. See for yourself HERE.


9. The King of Comedy - Morrie imitates Rupert Pumpkin

Embassy International Pictures

"The King of Comedy" is a really good movie about Rupert Pumpkin (Robert De Niro) who is a struggling comic who lives in a fantasy world where he's on top. This leads him to stalk his idol Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis). There is a restaurant scene where Rupert is talking to his date, but in the background, we can see an extra at another table mocking every gesture that De Niro makes. The more you see him you start to realize that it's actor Chuck Low who played Morrie from Morrie's Wigs in the movie "Goodfellas". See his mocking HERE.


8. Everything Must Go - Frozen kids

Temple Hill Entertainment

Children can make for the best extras and will be well represented on this list. The rumor on this one is that the kids on set were distracted while at their picnic table on the yard and were quite disciplined for their behavior. They were told to sit still and the kids took this direction quite literally. It almost looks like Will Ferrell and Laura Dern were superimposed into a picture because the kids do not move. See how weird it is HERE. (NSFW title of the YouTube clip. Just a heads up.)


7. Teen Wolf - Zip up

Wolfkill Productions

Spoiler alert: This clip happens at the end of the movie so read on if you dare. As the entire gym celebrates the Beavers victory over the Dragons, Scott (Michael J. Fox) goes into the stands to hug his father. This was an opportune time for one of the extras to undo the top of his/her pants. There is a rumor that this extra is exposed and he/she clearly isn't. You can see the prankster in the red shirt at the top of the screen HERE.


6. Planet of the Apes - Worst. Throw. Ever.

APJAC Productions

This one comes and goes very quickly but made me laugh really hard and it's all I can see when watching this movie. Just before George (Charlton Heston) gets captured by the apes and gives the iconic line, "Get your stinkin' paws off me you damn dirty ape", all of the apes are throwing food at George. One of the apes makes the worst attempt at a throw I've ever seen. Fast forward the clip till about the 1:00 mark and pay attention to the apes on the left side of the screen. The first ape makes a real throw but ape #2 put nothing into their attempt. Sometimes extras over act to get noticed. This person clearly under acted and got noticed. See the throw HERE.


5. North by Northwest - Kid doesn't like loud noises

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Another case of kids in the background and having to do many takes for a scene. In any movie where a gun is expectantly drawn, you never know what will happen next. Unfortunately, the kid wearing the blue shirt in the background does know what's going to happen and plugs his ears to save himself from the loud bang from the gun. He was the original spoiler alert. You'd think Hitchcock would notice and do another take, but this one made the final cut. See the spoiler HERE.


4. Mr. Nanny - Did that guy just throw a dog?

New Line Cinema

Of course when you have a movie premise that's a professional wrestler gets hired to be a nanny for children, we need to have him start as the ultra man's man. This gets shown by a montage of Sean (Hulk Hogan) driving all over on a motorcycle. But for some unknown reason during this motorcycle ride, a man in the background throws a dog into the nearby water. I know!!! It is so weird but so clearly noticeable. Also, it seems necessary to say that this (of all movies) would be one of the worst movies to show a mild case of animal abuse. It's a children's movie, it's not exactly "Schindler's List". See this guy throw a dog in a movie HERE.


3. Back to the Future Part III - Verne tells his mom he needs to use the restroom

Universal Pictures

At the end of the movie when Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) introduces Marty (Michael J. Fox) to his sons Jules and Vern, keep your eye on Vern. The little boy motions for his mom to come over to him and makes a slight point directly to his problem. You have to feel for this kid, it's another thing someone should have noticed either on set or in the editing room. See this child's uncomfortable situation HERE. (Kind of a funny headline for the YouTube clip.)


2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - The Candy Man hit her in the face

Wolper Pictures Ltd

I don't know how many takes it requires to get the best work for a movie. This has to be especially hard during a musical. You have to factor in acting, filming, the timing of the song and so much more. Maybe that's why this goof was left in the movie. Before we get to see Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, we are in the candy store while the owner sings the song "The Candy Man Can". If you fast forward the clip till about the 2:15 mark, the candy man will walk to the other side of the counter and open the flap to let the kids come behind the counter. As he opens the flap, he hits a small girl in the face with the flap of the counter. It's good that it didn't hit her hard and she didn't even break... what a pro! See the unscripted smack HERE.


1. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - Stoomtrooper bangs his head


This is one of the most famous bloopers of all time. As the door opens on the Death Star, one of the stormtroopers was too tall for the door way and cracked his head. (Could this guy be Snoke?) The blooper was so widely known that when director George Lucas did a re-cut of the movie, he made the sound of the head hit more prominent. It was a clear number 1 for this list as this is the most memorable moment of an extra stealing a scene of all time. See the classic oops HERE.