Just days after the biggest party night of the year, we look at movies that feature a party we all wish we could've attended.


10. Can't Hardly Wait - "End of High School House Party"

Columbia Pictures Corporation

The end of high school party is always one to attend. This is the party where cliques go to die. Everyone can come and no one can be judged for being there. In this movie, even the 2 locked in the bathroom have fun at the party. It's a time to let that one girl know you have had a crush on her all through high school because it just might be your last chance to go for it. Like the tagline says, "An event eighteen years in the making."


9. American Pie 2 - "End of the Summer Beach Bash"

Universal Pictures

That first summer back after freshman year of college is a big one. Everyone that you haven't seen in a year is back at home and working college summer jobs. Before you all go back to your respective colleges, there has to be one blow out to end the summer. These 5 guys did it in style at the summer beach house that they all rented. It's the summer party that will diminish in attendance every year which is why the first one is always the best.


8. Bachelor Party - "The Bachelor Party"

Bachelor Party Productions-20th Century Fox

"The last night of freedom" is always the cliché. A good majority of married guys have had a bachelor party. But no one has done it up the way these guys did for Rick Gassko (Tom Hanks). It's usually up the best man to figure out the bachelor party and these guys didn't just attend Bachelor Party 101, the majored in it.


7. National Lampoon's Van Wilder - "Pimping Good Time"

Myriad Pictures

This party looks so much fun. I'm not even huge on dressing up in a theme for a party, but we'd all like to attend a party like this one. Everyone gets dressed up in 70's clothes and goes to a roller rink. To either skate in the circle or use the rink as the dance floor in your skates would be an awesome party we'd all like to join.


6. Wedding Crashers - "Any Wedding with John and Jeremy"

New Line Cinema

These 2 guys are the kings of the wedding reception. They get everyone on the dance floor, they buy plenty of rounds, and they help  you enjoy your cake. They take the dance floor up to a level 10. I'd feel bad for any other single guy at the wedding because you don't stand a chance at being the life of the party.  Also, don't let them near your girl.


5. PCU - "Saving 'The Pit'"

Twentith Century Fox Films Corporation

"The Pit" is that house on campus that throws the rager party that every protest group will march in front of until... you find out that they sweet-talked "George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic" to play the party! Soon everyone is dancing to tunes like Flashlight, Atomic Dog and Stomp. When it takes the dean to come try to put a halt on the party, you know it's a good one. This one has it all, dance floor upstairs with a fully stocked bar stolen from the dean's upscale party across campus to selling theses papers downstairs.


4. Back to School - "Dorm Party"

Orion Pictures

When Thornton Mellon reconstructs three dorm rooms into one, it completely changes the atmosphere of the typical dorm party. In a time when most college students live off campus, this is the one where everyone on campus attends this rager and we wish we did also. "Oingo Boingo" is playing the party in the big room and the back room has an in-floor hot tub which just adds to the uniqueness of this party. Even profs. are joining in on the fun and adult beverages are being delivered to the dorms by the police. Only Thornton Mellon money can pull that off. The only hiccup to the whole party is letting Robert Downey Jr. play with the mixing board. Only someone like Jason could not have fun at the best party on campus.


3. Old School - "Mitch Martin Freedom Festival Sponsored by 'Speaker City'"


The first party thrown by the newly formed Lambda Epsilon Omega had more pyrotechnics than a KISS concert. You can't just roll out that kind of red carpet for some student alt-rock band. They get rapping legend "Snoop Dogg" to play this college party. According to complex.com, Snoop's appearance fee alone is $100,000. It's the first party of many parties and it was kicked off in the best way. Honorable Mention Party: "KY Wrestling for Blue's 89th Birthday"


2. Project X - "Thomas Kub's 17th Birthday Party"

Green Hat Films

The craziest thing about this party is that it actually happened. When you throw a party so big they make it into a movie, you know you've thrown one of the most famous or infamous parties of all time. "Project X" is based off true events from Australian Corey Worthinton's 16th birthday that he threw while his parents were out of town. Over 500 people showed up and there was talks of fining the Worthington's up to $200,000 for damages to cars, houses and the neighborhood itself. This party was the definition of "epic" and the movie backs it up well. If we couldn't be in attendance at the party in Melbourne, we'd like to be at the party where everything stops when the director yells cut.


1. National Lampoon's Animal House - "Toga Party"

Universal Pictures

It's the best party of all time. When the whole frat has nothing to lose, you might as well go for it and as Boone put it, "A new low. I'm so ashamed." There were people talking, drinking, and hanging out upstairs. Then everyone made their way down to the basement where "Otis Day and the Knights" played the best rendition of Shout there has ever been and way before it has become the typical party song. No sitting around listening to the guy play the acoustic guitar here, it's all about partying as hard as you can. In "PCU", the dean showed up to shut down the party. In "Animal House", the dean's wife shows up to attend the party. It's just that good! Honorable Mention Party: "Fraternity Rush Party" & "Fraternity Initiation Party" Delta Tau Chi is clearly the greatest party animals of all time.