I try to not comment on movies I haven't seen. These are the movies that I admit I'm ashamed I haven't seen and will rectify these soon.

10. Dr. No/Goldfinger

Eon Productions

James Bond is iconic. I want to see Dr. No because that is the one that started it all. I also need to see Goldfinger because that is the one that is widely regarded as the best James Bond film of all time.


9. The Goonies

Warner Bros

I know. I admit that as big of a movie buff as I am the fact that I haven't seen The Goonies is egregious. I grew up with the 90's kid movies so this one just missed me growing up. I don't know what I've been waiting for but I'll get to this one eventually.


8. Casablanca

Warner Bros

It's like the most iconic love story of all time. So I think I'm going to wait to see it with someone special as opposed to seeing it by myself.


7. Ben-Hur

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

It won 11 Oscars. You'd think that'd be enough to want to see one of the greatest movies of all time.


6. The Terminator/Terminator 2


I just haven't seen that many 80's action movies. I'm not apposed to them by any means. Just a lot of them are movies that I've seen bits and pieces of them on TV but have never sat down and watched them uncut from beginning to end.


5. Alien/Aliens

Brandywine Productions

Right in the same vein as the movies above. I am not against seeing these. Just haven't yet.


4. Psycho

Shamley Productions

This is another one where I know what happens because I've seen so many bits and pieces but one of these days I need to start if from the beginning and ride the ride.


3. Jaws

Zanuck Brown Productions

I've tried to start this movie about 4 times. Then every time I get distracted by something else I have to do. I was upset because Netflix just took this off their streaming site.


2. LOTR: 2 Towers/Return of the King

New Line Cinema

The first time I watched Fellowship, I fell asleep. I just tried again when Netflix put Fellowship on there. So now I need to watch the next 2 to finish the story.


1. Saving Private Ryan


It's the number 1 movie I've always wanted to see. I almost kick myself as every year goes by that I haven't seen it.