These are the best movies that only a select group of people love more than any other movie ever made.


Honorable Mentions:
Fight Club - Some people live and die by this movie. I like it up to the point where "Project Mayhem" starts then turn it off.
Rocky Horror Picture Show - This is widely regarded as the best "cult classic" of all time. I have only seen bits and pieces so I can't honestly put this movie on the list without seeing it in it's entirety.
The Room - I just saw this movie this past weekend and wow does it stink. It is hilariously bad. I figured I see "Disaster Artist" eventually but I wanted to see "The Room" first.

10. Clerks


This one is all about the dialogue. Whether it's independent or unionized contractors working on the Death Star or watching a guidance counselor figure out the perfect dozen eggs, listening to the banter is key to this cult film. Brian O'Halloran's acting isn't great but it's forgivable in this flick.


9. The Big Lebowski 

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There is a religion related to this movie. Don't believe me? It's The Church of the Latter-Day Dude. This is a "cult classic" that actually has it's own cult. Overall, I think the movie is just okay. The Coen brothers do not know how to end a movie but the characters are absolutely legendary.


8. Napoleon Dynamite

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Again, this movie isn't going to blow you away with it's story, but has some of the most quotable lines in movie history. I remember the first time I watched this movie and I just didn't get it and didn't laugh once. The second time I watched it, I was roaring with laughter. As a former quarterback, my favorite line of the film is, "How much you want to bet I can throw this football over them mountains?"


7. Clue

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Seriously one of the most underrated movies of all time. This movie is laugh out loud funny and stayed true to the game, didn't give you one ending, but three. It's the ultimate "who done it" movie. Sit back and enjoy this one.


6. Pulp Fiction


It feels like every Tarantino movie is a "cult classic". I picked "Pulp Fiction" out of his movies because this one might be the most quotable so it's more relatable to the group of people who love this movie. A lot of people memorize Jules Winfield's favorite bible verse, call their girl 'hunny bunny', or twist the way Mia and Vincent do making this a true "cult classic".


5. This is Spinal Tap

Spinal Tap Prod

There is a special group of people that like mockumenteries. I'm a big fan of them and Christopher Guest and Rob Reiner together made the best one. If you haven't seen a mockumentary, you should see "Best In Show", "Drop Dead Gorgeous", and of course the best one of all time, "This is Spinal Tap". Try to not laugh as a tiny Stonehenge lowers from the rafters or how the speakers go to 11.


4. Office Space

Twentieth Century Fox

The creator of "Office Space", Mike Judge, has the office life narrowed down to one word: mundane. The same people driving to work in their cubicle wearing the same button-up shirt then driving home. We are not meant to work our whole lives and Peter figures that out. There are a lot of people wouldn't mind "missing" a day of work.


3. A Clockwork Orange

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Stanley Kubrick is another one of those directors that just makes weird movies that don't appeal to a wide audience. They are all good films and a lot of them are great, but they are clearly not for everyone. When you are having a bit of the ole "ultra violence", and it needs to be remedied, this one goes down as an all timer.


2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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Monty Python alone is a cult. The witty banter, hilariously bad animation, it's as funny as it is ridiculous. This is one of those movies where you either "get it" and find it hysterical, or you don't "get it" and are completely lost over it. I'm glad I'm in the former.


1. The Boondock Saints

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This movie was ripped by the critics and beloved by the fans making it a true "cult classic". I, like a lot of people, stopped by DVD's a long time ago but any time I look through my collection, I find that I'm always in the mood to watch "The Boondock Saints".