Morgan Freeman won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards over the weekend. If you need proof of why he won, here are his Top 10 movies.


10. The Bucket List

Warner Bros

"The Bucket List" is an okay movie. Once people started talking about bucket lists, it seemed like they pumped out a movie on this premise. But it's somewhat entertaining and Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman do a good job. (Obviously) But it's also obvious that you can do a lot when money isn't a factor.


9. Bruce Almighty

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When asked about playing the role of God, Morgan Freeman said, "I knew it was coming and I'd only do it in a comedy." He was really good as God in "Bruce Almighty".


8. Driving Miss Daisy

Zanuck Company

You can pick either quote to describe this movie: "Kill them with kindness" or "Fake it till you Make It." But this was well deserving of the best picture of the year.


7. Lean on Me

Norman Twain Productions

If Morgan was sweet in "Driving Miss Daisy," he is the exact opposite in "Lean on Me." Morgan plays a strict principal of an underachieving inner city high school. He is determined that in order for this school to change it's ways, it starts with him, the actions of the teachers, right down to the worst of the troublemakers. He demands respect and he gets it. It's up to everyone to pass their standardized tests and turn the school around.


6. Amistad


There is a story that director Steven Spielberg sent Freeman the script that had a post-it note on it that just said, "Choose." Basically saying that he wanted Freeman in this movie so badly, that he can choose what ever character he wanted to play.


5. The Sum of All Fears

Paramount Pictures

The sum of all fears being nuclear war, a bomb was set off during the Super Bowl and the US needs to figure out who planted the bomb. I like a lot of the Jack Ryan movies and Ben Affleck isn't that bad. Morgan Freeman and James Cromwell are really good in this movie.


4. Se7en

Cecchi Gori Pictures

No surprise here. I've made it very clear in the past how good this movie is. I love the religious ties, the twist, and the thought process behind the whole story. It's a really good story and a great use of quick photography at the end.


3. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Warner Bros

There is a good chance that I've seen this movie 100 times. We played it all the time in my house growing up on VHS. I always liked this movie even if Kevin Costner can't do an English accent. Morgan Freeman plays Hood's right hand man, Azeem, and he is great as always.


2. The Dark Knight

Warner Bros

The true prince of thieves might be Heath Ledger with the way he stole the scene in this movie, but Morgan Freeman was nothing to scoff at either. I will forever hate how Bruce Wayne and Batman have different voices and don't care "that's the way it was portrayed in the comics." It stinks. But everyone else did a really good job in this movie. Freeman has one of the more fun roles in Batman lore.


1. The Shawshank Redemption

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You get the best of both Morgan Freeman worlds in one of the best movies of all time. You get Morgan Freeman acting and doing a voice over with that iconic voice. In the book, Red was a white Irish character. But when you know Morgan Freeman is going to crush a role the way he did, who cares? This is Morgan Freeman at his best and one of the reasons one of the best movies ever.