Looking at the best of the world of organized crime. We even look at the crime and the justice.

10. The Boondock Saints

Franchise Pictures

What's different about this movie is the fact that we see multiple crime syndicates. We see the Russian and Italian mafia doing work. But it's up to Connor and Murphy to clean up the streets because they don't fall under all the red tape that is the police department. So it's up to FBI agent to determine if what they are doing is right or wrong.


9. Road to Perdition


When the Irish mafia's best hit man's son witnesses a murder, they need to get out of town quickly. This father and son team turn into bank robbers. But they only steal from Al Capone and all the money that's "off the books". This is a movie that I'm always in the mood to watch and if it's on TV, I know I'll end up watching it until the end.


8. Pulp Fiction


Sometimes I forget that Vincent and Jules work for the mob. It's clear in the opening when they go give Brad his comeuppance, but after that it's all about the rest of their day cleaning up Marvin and dealing with Pumpkin and Honey Bunny.


7. The Untouchables

Paramount Pictures

I'm sure it's going to be no surprise that Robert De Niro is going to be all over this list. This is the first time we see De Niro in the role of Al Capone. But it's up to Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner) and Jim Malone (Sean Connery) to take down Capone.


6. A Bronx Tale

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Here we have another De Niro movie but this time we see the mob world through the eyes of young Calogero. He witnesses Sonny (Chazz Palminteri) shoot someone but doesn't "rat" on the mobster. This has Sonny take "C" under his wing despite his father's wishes.


5. The Departed

Warner Brothers

The biggest thing the mob has going for them is "pull". Whether that be political, judicial or with the law. Here we see what it's like when the mob has a mole in the police precinct and the police have a mole inside the mob. It's stressful till the very end going in the ultimate undercover role.


4. Casino

Universal Pictures

When the mob owns a casino so they can skim off the top, the money rolls to say the least. It's Ace's job to run a square casino with the count room that even he isn't allowed to go in. The money gets sent back home and if anyone has a problem, in steps Nicky (Joe Pesci). When Nicky and his crew try to take over, Ace's wife gets into drugs and her old lifestyle, it's difficult to keep everything quiet.


3. GoodFellas

Warner Brothers

We really see the rules of the mob in this movie. Who can you mess with and you can't mess with. We get over 30 years of mafia life. With the voice-overs,  we see what life was like from the outside-in. From the main guys in the mob and we even see the women behind the men in organized crime.


2. The Godfather Part 2

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One of the biggest questions asked when it comes to famous mafia dons (Al Capone, John Gotti, Lucky Luciano) is how do they get where they are. In part 2, we see how Vito Corleone became Don Corleone and the launch of his son, Michael. We see how Michael continues to run the family business and also flashbacks to a young Vito on his rise to the top.


1. The Godfather

Paramount Pictures

The original and the best. Vito is gunned down and it's up the rest of the family to patch this up with the rival families. We see the pull, the dominance, the brains, and the caution of where this business will lead to. There is even the meeting of the heads of the 5 families so they can all be on the same page when it comes to the increasing drug business. Will the old ways continue to work, or will they have to go in a new direction?