The Dark Knight has been played by my actors in many movies. Here they are worst to best. Animated movies excluded.

8. Batman & Robin

Warner Bros

How bad was this movie? It's amazingly awful. Arnold Schwarzenegger really was the perfect Mr. Freeze in this movie. What I mean by that is that he gives you so many chills with how bad he was, it makes him Mr. Freeze. The puns were awful, the Bat-credit-card, Batgirl, and Chris O'Donnell make this the worst Batman movie of all time.


7. Batman Returns

Warner Bros

I remember being really excited that they were going to make a Batman movie with both The Penguin and Catwoman. But it was so rushed, that it just wasn't a good movie. Not even Christopher Walken could save this movie. The penguins carrying DeVito into the water was so lame. The giant duck was bad. Just not a good movie.


6. Batman Begins

Warner Bros

The great thing about this movie is that it answered all those questions that you had as kid. Who built the Bat-Cave? How was the suit and the Batmobile made. That part of the movie was really great. But I felt that the Scarecrow was a bad choice to pick for the first villain in this franchise. I don't care how true it stayed to the comic book. Also, Christian Bale's voice took me out of this movie from the beginning. It was so unnecessary.


5. The Dark Knight Rises

Warner Bros

Bane was cool and the Super Bowl thing was fun. But after we saw Heath Ledger's joker and how he should have been in this movie, it was just a let down. The Joker was so good, that those shoes couldn't be filled no matter who was thrown in there.


4. Batman (1966)

Twentieth Century Fox

Totally underrated Batman movie. Adam West was great! GREAT! Lee Meriweather, Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, Frank Gorshin! All so great! The only time that these great Batman villains all teamed up to take on the caped crusader.


3. Batman Forever

Warner Bros

I don't know why this movie gets such a bad wrap. People hate this movie but it's not bad at all. I thought both Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey were really good as Two Face and The Riddler. You see how each villain was created and it was really good. There was a mix of the good/evil that Two Face goes through and the puzzling riddles from The Riddler. Still don't know why people hate this movie so much.


2. The Dark Knight

Warner Bros

Heath Leder's Joker is the end all be all of this movie. He is the only reason this movie is so good. Aaron Eckhart was really good too but Two Face in and out was kind of disappointing. The movie as a whole isn't amazing. Anything with The Joker was so great that any point where he isn't in the movie, it's like, "Get back to The Joker."


1. Batman

Warner Bros

This is the best Batman movie. From start to finish, it was so good. Jack Napier getting worked over by his own boss and becoming The Joker was really good. The fact that Jack Napier is the reason Bruce Wayne became Batman and then it was because of Batman that Napier became The Joker. The poison balloon scene is one of my favorites in any movie. Also, the fact that Prince did the whole soundtrack is awesome. This is the best Batman movie there is.