It's Presidents' Day so banks are closed. These movies should have tried when to rob the bank when no one was there.


10. Sugar & Spice

New Line Cinema

Okay, I'm being a little facetious here. This movie isn't that great but I chose it because I had a chance to be an extra in the movie. It was filmed in Minnesota close to where I grew up and they needed football players as extras. You can see my old football coach in the background of the one scenes. The trailer has all the good lines but good to see an all female cast, too.


9. Now You See Me

Summit Entertainment

They aren't robbing the bank for the money, they are robbing it for the fame. The 4 Horsemen have the ultimate trick for the grand finale of their show... rob a bank of someone in the audience. The question of how did they do it, doesn't come close to the question of who are they working for?


8. Bonnie and Clyde

Warner Bros

The ultimate bank robbing couple is going to make this list. Besides, not only do they have an all-star cast, it has one of the craziest endings in movie history. Overkill is and understatement. But this duo goes down as one of the best.


7. Public Enemies

Universal Pictures

Politicians have decided that they are starting to take down the criminals starting with the top and working their way down. Well the top was John Dillinger. Known for robbing 24 banks in his career, the depression-era criminal is one of the best of all time.


6. The Dark Knight

Warner Bros

Yes, the bank robbery scene is just the open, but it really is one of the most well contrived robberies we've ever seen. To take out your partners so your take is bigger is so ruthless. THEN to rob from the mafia. THEN to use their stolen money to black male them into hiring you to take out Batman. So incredibility ruthless. It was the open and the crux of the whole story.


5. Swordfish

Jonathan Krane Group

The definition of a "smash and grab job". Take the story of Robin Hood who steals from the rich and gives to the poor, this group is the most brutal group who, essentially, are taking this money for the greater good. They are an anti-terrorist group who will stop at nothing to protect the United States of America. But can they get away with their tactics?


4. Road to Perdition


One of the most well-respected Irish Mafia hitman unknowingly has his son witness a murder and now the mafia is out for the whole family so no one rats. Tom Hanks and his son are on the run and in the mean time, they rob banks. Not just from normal banks everyone uses, but he steals money off the books kept for Al Capone! This is one of the best casts with Hanks, Paul Newman, Daniel Craig and Jennifer Jason Lee.


3. Point Break

Largo Entertainment

Surfing, bank robbing, skydiving, and done in masks of presidents. What a classic. Yes they remade this but come on... the original is where it's at.


2. Dog Day Afternoon

Warner Bros

Al Pacino is really great in this movie. Dog day was even referenced in the opening scene of "Swordfish" so of course it's one of the best. Pacino and John Cazale were back together just like they were together in The Godfather. You really see how a bank robbery can go from an in and out job, to a standoff that will sweep the nation. This is one of the movies where you are rooting for the bad guys.


1. The Town

Warner Bros

I really enjoyed this movie. It is difficult to watch the kidnapping scene and I don't know if I breathed until they drove away. Then to fall for the girl they kidnapped is just playing on dangerous ice. I love how they go from robbing banks to robbing one of the most iconic stadiums in baseball: Fenway Park. This is a blast to watch and should be on a must-watch list.