Do your favorite ornaments stay on your parent's tree or do you take them with you when you leave?

I feel like there are ornaments that you want to keep your whole life. Whether you have to fight with siblings to keep them, or if there are ornaments that come in pairs, do you split them up? Regardless, it doesn't feel like Christmas if they aren't up on the tree.

That's why I've chosen my top 5 favorite ornaments. (whispers... so maybe I can call dibs on them.)

5. The Twin Bears

Townsquare Media via Neuman

We always made sure we just used the rope to wrap around apart of the Christmas tree so we wouldn't play with stuffed animals and then a sharp hook on the top.


4. The Nutcracker

Townsquare Media via Neuman

There is a leaver in the back and actually made the mouth work like an actual nutcracker. Me, being a radio guy, had a lot of conversations with that little guy growing up.


3. The Vikings

Townsquare Media via Neuman

Duh... obviously this ornament should be on every Christmas tree in the world.


2. Me

Townsquare Media via Neuman

Look at that little face... who wouldn't want that on their tree?


1. The Santa, Frosty, and Little Boy Bells

Townsquare Media via Neuman

Might just have to allow my 2 brothers to deiced which ones we all way and divvy them up. But these three are the coolest and have always been my favorite.