You learn a lot being in your own apartment for the first time and one of the things you learn is that everyone needs an apartment etiquette book on how to be neighborly. I mean thankfully none of us are living with roommates because that is a whole other talk about how to get along but honestly, I am talking about how to be courteous to your neighbors, each other’s space and time. Since this is not spelled out for us, I am going to give all new apartment owners a basic guide on apartment etiquette that will hopefully keep everyone sane and not causing anymore drama.

  1. Be respectful of the time. Some people have to get up at ungodly hours (like 4:30 AM) while others get to sleep in. Be aware of the time during weekdays and do not be putting furniture together, exercising or blasting music at 11:00 PM.
  2. Do not leave your trash outside your door. If you did not realize, your apartment complex (more likely than not) will not have a maid or trash collector, so do not leave it outside the door to stink up the hallway. It is literally not that far away to the trash can, so don’t become known as the stinky apartment.
  3. If you decide to blare music to have a party…. Be courteous and invite everyone! I am sure everyone wouldn’t mind a party, drinks and getting to know your neighbors! For those who complain about the party obviously just do not want to be your neighbor so go ahead and annoy them anyway.

This is a start on how to make friends and not enemies in your apartment complex. If nothing else, use common sense and just be kind to one another, I mean it is the holiday season after all.