Crews are working to restore electricity to nearly 37,000 utility customers in Waterloo and surrounding areas of Black Hawk County.

At 12:30 p.m. on Thursday (Sept. 22, 2016), Mid-American Energy (outage map) was reporting that more than 26,000 customers were without power in Waterloo alone, while nearly 2,200 were in the dark in Evansdale and another 500 had no electricity in Elk Run Heights. Outside the metro, power was out to more 3,100 customers in rural areas of Black Hawk and Bremer counties. Mid-American was also reporting more than 1,200 customers were without electricity in Jesup.

It was not immediately known if the outage was weather related.

Cedar Falls Utilities (outage map) was reporting a major power outage affecting at least two areas of the city around 11 a.m. Thursday, but electricity has since been restored. One outage was in the around Washington Park near CFU's headquarters, and the other was west of the University of Northern Iowa campus.

The outage affected more than 7,600 CFU customers for about an hour. Electricity was restored to the affected areas of Cedar Falls around noon, CFU officials reported.

CFU officials said the power outage in Cedar Falls was caused by a transmission outage outside their system.