It’s finally the time of year where it is socially acceptable to watch Hallmark Christmas movies every day! Well, at least you will get less judged than usual. If you have not realized by now, I really do get a good laugh and sometimes the warm and fuzzies from watching the Hallmark Christmas movies and could watch them all day even knowing how they all end. And honestly, it is not a Hallmark movie without Lace Chabert, or as I call her, “Hallmark’s Darling.” It’s a great distraction from reality and let’s our imaginations wander to how romance is so much easier in these movies.

However, although I love these movies, there are still issues and questions left unanswered by all the movies that I have for Hallmark. So, I figured I would make a list to see if anyone knows the answers to these questions.

  1. Why do we never get to see what happens after the main characters get together at the end of the movie? I mean it is probably ending live a fairytale but it would be nice to see what happens next, I mean I am not the only one who hates cliff-hangers.
  2. Why are the movies always set in some small midwestern town? I promise it is not that easy to find love and romance there rather than in a big city and honestly all small towns are not that nice where everyone knows everyone.
  3. Why do the main characters never tell the truth before the lie or misunderstanding comes out? Honestly, why are most of the movies always based on a misunderstanding? Just clear it up in the beginning and it would be so much happier, but then there really wouldn’t be a movie so I guess I get it.
  4. Where do all of these royals come from? There cannot be that many, can they? If there are, then I am totally missing my chance for a classic Hallmark story.
  5. Finally, why are these not more realistic?! I am a reader and use my imagination a lot but would love for this to be real situations that could happen to all of us.

So these are my questions and I know they will probably never be answered so I guess I will just have to binge watch my favorites and live in the little fantasy world that has been created through the movies.