After hearing my doctor tell me, repeatedly I might add, 'Buck, you need to get some exercise", I decided to sign up for the Waterloo Dek Hockey league.

I love watching our Waterloo Black Hawks and the Chicago Blackhawks, so why not give this Dek Hockey thing a try, right? So I talked to a few of ole friend (Chris & Scott), and they thought it would be fun too. We formed a team, signed up, and paid our money, but that's when we realized... there is going to be a lot of running for an these old out-of-shape lump of mud bodies.

DekHogs Jersey (Photo & Design: Scott Tjabring)

If you have never heard of Dek Hockey, the best way to describe it is it's hockey played in your street shoes on a downsized rink. Three players and goalie for each team are on the dek trying to put the ball in the other team's net (video below).

Our first game as the DekHogs was last night, and I had one simple goal for our first game...

Just as we suspected, there was a lot of running, and my good friend and teammate Chris Marchese had the best post-game quote...

He would have said more, but he needed to find an oxygen tank.

Joking aside, we all had a blast, and we even ended up getting a 4-3 win against a 'more in shape' team. The ball just bounced in our favor for the game winner.

I loved the fact that both sides smiled and laughed with each other after the game. It was definitely worth the money I spent to give myself cardiac arrest on a weekly basis.

The most impressive stats on the night are the ones NOT on the stat sheet...
- Great chemistry for being a first night we all played together
- A Game Win!!!
- Chris Marchese didn't puke up supper
- Everyone left with both lungs
- (Last but certainly not least) No one died
^^ That might be the most important stat of the night

Now we have a week of ice baths until next Tuesday's game.

Go DekHogs.