I am a huge fan of reading and 2018 was no exception for me! I can get through a book in about a week and a series in a couple weeks. Yes, that is how much I like to read. Unfortunately, entering the the real work world, I have not had as much time to read but I do go back to re-read my favorites because I can skip to my favorite parts (I know that is cheating but who cares)!

So, with the end of the year coming along, I wanted to share my favorite books or series that I read during 2018. Note that all of these may not have been published in 2018 as new books but rather just ones I found in 2018 and loved!

  1. Shatter Me Series-What if you could not have any human contact? If your touch killed? Well with this 17-year-old girl not only does that happen but the world is falling apart around her. It is definitely a book that would make you ask what if. I love these types of books and that is why I have re-read them about 10-12 times now.
  2. The Darkest Minds Series (Read the books before you see the movie, it is so much better and then you will just be mad at the movie!)- I am a huge fan of kids taking a stand and fighting back against the government or adults because of the corruption that occurs. Honestly, sometimes kids know more than adults and are fearless and that is what this series is about. They see an injustice and don’t sit and wait to see what happens!
  3. Grisha Trilogy- If you love magic, unsung heroes, and strength that comes from nowhere, then this is the series for you! We all feel overlooked at time but Alina Starkov wishes she could stay invisible until she finds out has powers and must fight the big evil. I mean I would rather stay invisible too at that point.

Hopefully these interest you and if you don’t have time to read them in 2018, because I mean I am a fast reader but even I could not read all of these with a week left in 2018, put them on your reading list for 2019 and it ill give you something to look forward to in 2019!