Modern technology often gets a bad rap from stereotypes and society. I mean, what with it stealing our privacy, brainwashing us, making us depressed, and turning our kids into zombies and all... But besides all that small stuff you know, it's actually pretty great!

According to a new study from London Economic, all of the technology we have is actually saving us two full weeks a year. Let me do some math here... mmm, yeah that will add up to almost two-and-a-half years in your lifetime.

Here are 10 of the things that save us the most time according to the study:

1.  Online banking

2.  Email

3.  Microwaves

4.  Online shopping

5.  Cell phones

6.  The TV remote (if you can find the bugger...)

7.  Laptops

8.  Self checkout

9.  Frozen meals

10.  GPS

Think about it, while we have began to take many of these modern conveniences for granted, they truly are essential in time saving. Unless you lose one, they break, or you forget a password. Then I feel like they become time sucks...